Buy Team Management software for today's fast-paced ticketing marketplace

Wrkaround’s Buy Team Management solution will make it easier, more efficient, and most importantly allow you to grow your existing team. With BTM powered by Wrkaround, managing 50 is as easy as managing 5.

Code Management

Our code management system allows you to prefill codes associated with specific accounts for specific shows beforehand or allocate them on demand, whatever your needs are on a given show.

OTL Management

Never go OTL again. If your users use the account the system assigns to them, they cannot go OTL. With 10s of thousands of seats of real world testing, you can rest easy knowing OTL is a thing of the past.

Account Allocation

Our system allows for you to set up your accounts however it fits your business. You can allocate accounts to specific individuals or you can pool all of your accounts and the system will randomly deliver accounts to your pullers on the fly. Whatever method fits your needs. If you cycle through new accounts on a daily basis, you can do that as easily as uploading a new csv file.


Who are the most productive members of your puller team? Who is buying seats and who isn't? We offer daily/weekly/monthly custom reporting built in and viewable/downloadable on a per-user level to see which users are producing and which users are struggling.

Wrkaround has implemented code management, OTL prevention, account allocation, robust reporting and more into one user friendly environment.

Our goal has always been to create a tool that allows a single person to manage as many people as they want without the inherent communication hassles that come with a back and forth messaging system while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to what you're seeing in real time.

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